Property Developer, Home & Living Concept
for Lippo Karawaci and all its projects

We have been in a long partnership with Smailing Tour. Built countless of websites and applications to support their operations. When travel and tourism industry shifted and dramatically changed towards digital and e-commerce, it was then really forced us to think real hard, worked side by side, day and night, aimed to surpass this and get ready to dominate the market.

After many trial and error, fine tuned UX flow, many 3rd party’s cross-integrations platforms, Finally we did it and launched New Smailing Tour website with live flight schedule, online ticket issuance, hotel booking, attraction packages, tour packages and even a custom trip based on your preferences.

Create Trust &
Beautiful impressions
Lippo Group has been one of our loyal clients since 10 years ago. We have been trusted with many projects under the Group and launched numerous websites, such as: Kemang Village, Lippo Corporate, Millennium Village, St.Moritz, Hotel Aryaduta and more
Corporate Website
for Lippo Karawaci Tbk

We’ve also involved in building Lippo Karawaci Tbk Corporate site. Although the website first launched at 2014, which is almost 8 years now...

We presume the look and feel still up to date and technology wise still catched up. Proof that a long-lasting design senses can be one of your best investment for website development.

lippo corporate